Word for Word


Performance of private jury
Pre-documental video 8 min., contract, acts in stenographic language on handmade paper (11 sheets)
Live Works I_Performance Act Award, Centrale Fies
Courtesy: sound artist Mark Cetilia and Centrale Fies private collection 

Activating a process of reverse publishing, during the Live works_Performance Art Award residency at Centrale Fies curated by Barbara Boninsegna, Simone Frangi
e Denis Isaia, the artists used the flow of the river Sarca and a library of infamous books to give life to an attempt at transparency and accountability. The pages of the infamous books, were smoothed by the river for several days, then pulped and transformed into new blank paper to be used during the live performance. The video precedes the performance, introducing details and aspects, and elliptically interweaving visual and textual narration: the journey to the river, the points of the contract, the negotiation of the project, and the illusions created by the authors of the injurious books. 

The process ignited during the residency at Centrale Fies for Live Works_ Performance Art Award took form in a request for accountability during the evening of the Award. Infiltrating the mesh of the jury, the artists contracted a stenographer to be present and transcribe the proceedings of the final session of the jury. Using the language of stenographic signs, the record is written on the paper produced by the artists through a process of soaking and pulping infamous books along the shores of the river Sarca. The same river that fed the Centrale Fies in its previous life as a hydroelectric power plant.